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Developed by Longevity.Charity and its strategic partner Aging Analytics Agency, the Longevity Non-profits case study contains a comprehensive overview of the global Longevity non-profit organizations and the non-profit sector overall.

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The primary goal of the analytical case study is to systematize and evaluate the complex basis of non-profit organizations in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology since the emergence of the global Longevity industry over the past few years. Analyzed non-profit organizations are active in the most complex and multifaceted fields of science and technology in order to prolong human lives, improve health, study diseases and find their treatment so that these illnesses never spread again.

The up-to-date information contained herein can help potential donors make an informed decision as to which non-profit they should donate to, thus significantly increasing their chances of gaining a foothold in the Longevity industry.

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